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Supermarket Shelving – How to Organise Shop Shelves

You may think that supermarket shelves are packed at random, but in actual fact there is quite a lot of thought that goes into deciding which products go where on the storage shelves.

In order to keep the supermarket shelves organised and the maximum amount of money spent at the tills, the shelves are strategically arranged to entice shoppers to spend more money.

Your average storage shelf in a supermarket will have the smaller brands such as local and store brands placed higher up on the shelves where they do not immediately capture your attention.supermarket shelving

You would think that the top of the shelf is the prime real estate, but it is actually the middle shop shelves that are on eye level. The leading brands and bestselling products are generally placed here because they are the products that people will see first. These products also tend to be more expensive than the other products surrounding them.

The supermarket shelves below eyelevel tend to be products from similar brands that are cheaper than those on eyelevel.

To some people all of this seems fairly logical, but the shelf level that a lot of people do not think about is the shelf that is on children’s eyelevel. On these levels, products that appeal to children abound. This seems quite sneaky, but it makes a lot of sense. Children tend to play a large role in what is purchased and they are often very persistent about it.

On the lowest shop shelves you will generally find bulk items, heavy items and products that are awkwardly shaped. This is done to prevent shoppers from accidentally knocking these products off of the supermarket shelves.

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