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Supermarket Shelves: How Best to Organise Them – Part 1

While wandering down the aisles of your local supermarket, you may think that the products on the supermarket shelves are arranged at random, but there is actually a lot of thought behind what is placed where.

Shelves are planned down to the finest detail to ensure that the maximum amount of stock gets bought by the happy customers who wander down the myriad of aisles.

The first thing to take into consideration is perishable items such as fruit and vegetables. They should preferably be located close to the exit of the supermarket so that they are the last items to be put into the shopping trolley.

The second important shelving and layout issue is the entrance and exit.

These are the two parts of the supermarket that people tend to remember the most and first impressions count. If people think the entrance of the supermarket is nice, this will more than likely be their impression of the store as a whole.

supermarket shelving

Ensure that the shop shelves at the entrance have enticing products laid out and that the store’s specials are clearly displayed here. The items con the shop shelves on the first few rows of shop shelves should generally be items that people do not necessarily need but may want.

For instance, placing a bakery near the entrance will lead to more baked goods flying off the shelves. This is because people tend to be more willing to spend money at the beginning of their shopping trip when their trolley is still relatively empty.

A last clever way to get a few extra products off the supermarket shelves and into trolleys is to place candy and chocolates where the people have to queue. They will be more tempted to buy these items because they are standing near them for quite some time and more often than not end up putting something into their trolley.

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