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Supplier Of Quality Shelving And Racking To Cape Town Businesses

Good quality racks and shelving are important to Cape Town businesses as, indeed, they are throughout the Republic of South Africa, our neighbouring states and many other countries on this vast continent. Whether it is intended to use a given area for the actual manufacturing of products, for their subsequent warehousing and distribution or just for display, it is vital to make the most efficient use of every cubic metre of the available storage space while also ensuring that stored items may be retrieved speedily and with the minimum of hassle when they are required.

Since the size, shape, packaging and mass of manufactured goods are inclined to vary rather widely, the precise requirements for storing such items tend to be equally varied. As a result, the design and installation of the various racks and shelving supplied by our Cape Town branch of Krost Shelving is a highly specialised field and one in which we have gained exceptional expertise since our company first opened for business in 1965. We are widely recognised as a leader in our field as well as a company that’s known for its ability to manufacture high quality products and to utilise them in innovative ways to create cost-effective and efficient storage solutions.

For our customers, the first requirement is to identify the various needs as, this will influence the type of product best suited to meet them. Although those with little or no experience of this industry may think of them as alternative terms to describe the same concept, the racking and shelving supplied to our Cape Town clients are actual two quite different types of product with equally different applications.

Generally speaking, racking is designed to create individual storage spaces whose overall dimensions are far larger than that provided by standard shelves. This type of structure is typically used to house the bulkier and heavier items that may be contained in stout boxes or wooden crates and that, because of their weight are unsuitable for manual handling. Impossible with standard shelving, items of this nature can be mounted on pallets to prepare them for easy mechanical handling by a forklift under the control of a skilled operator. One important characteristic, then, of racking is that it needs to be sufficiently durable to withstand this type of treatment.

By contrast, shelves are used to hold much smaller items for manual retrieval, providing good visibility and ease of handling. It’s typically used in supermarkets where the function is both one of display and storage. Not limited to the retailers, more extensive installations utilising this standard shelving are also to be found in many Cape Town warehouses.