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Symo Shelving South Africa Business Moves to Krost

The end of a business is never a particularly joyous affair. Unless, of course, it marks the beginning of a new prospect that will offer its clients a fresh and exciting chapter going forward. In the case of Symo Shelving, a new chapter is exactly what clients are set to experience.

Symo Shelving South Africa is one of the oldest engineering companies in South Africa, having been founded in 1932. Since then, it built a reputation as strong as its products. Its company ethos, ‘Never compromise on quality’ holds true today, and are words to live by.

Now, as Symo closes its doors, its direct approach to shelving will be missed by many. But, fortunately, the market will not be missing a supplier of quality shelving and racking, thanks to Krost.

How Krost Fills the Gap Left by Symo Shelving

Quality in engineering is not something that can be easily substituted. It takes a company of great prowess in fabrication and experience in the field to do it. But, that’s exactly what Krost is. With over half a century of experience in our chosen industry, we are more than qualified to take the reins from Symo. And, if there was ever any doubt on this front, just consider our company motto: We Care.

At Krost, we care about supplying South African industries with excellently crafted, high-quality shelving and racking. We understand that any business relationship is a two-way street and, as such, our quality guarantee is solid.

Symo Shelving prided itself in a few key factors – factors important to the industry. Now, as Krost fills the gap left by Symo, let us illustrate how clients can be assured of a continuation, and even betterment, of the values held so dear by Symo Shelving South Africa:

1. Quality

Symo’s motto, as mentioned, was ‘Never compromise on quality.’ Though it was never made official, this is how Krost has always operated. We pride ourselves in constructing the best storage and racking systems available on the market, and now offer this equipment to Symo’s clients in order to continue their journey using the best apparatus possible.

2. Flexibility

Symo prided itself in being able to outfit even the most unconventional of storage spaces efficiently and effectively, and so do we. No matter what the requirements are, we have the right solution.

3. Product Range

Symo Shelving offered an extensive range of products for absolutely every situation. Going forward, clients with special needs will have to look no further than Krost. With a host of shelving and racking solutions, Krost has the equipment for the storage of all manner of products and goods.

We are proud to take over where Symo has left off. So, to ensure that you never have to compromise on quality, be sure to contact Krost today!

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