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Taking a Look at our Skilled Employees

At our Krost factory, it’s not just about manufacturing office and industrial shelving; it’s almost like magic to see how a sheet of metal is transformed into shelving and racking.

While much of the process is automated, the real magic is performed each day by the skilled workers that we have in our factory. In this article, we thought we’d let you in on a little of the charm that goes into making your shelves. Read on to learn more!


These are the people who shape and cut the individual components that are eventually assembled into your industrial shelves.

Our metalworkers are highly-skilled people, specialising in metal cutting and welding.

Metal cutting involves the process of removing excess metal that produces a component that is sized perfectly, and this will go on to form an integral part of the shelf that holds all of your valuable goods.

Generally speaking, there are three types of metal cutting processes – machining, burning, and a third miscellaneous category for whatever type of cutting does not fit into the first two.

Machining refers to an automated machine that removes excess metal. In contrast, burning utilises a process where a kerf (a slit that is typically cut with a saw) is oxidised to separate pieces of metal.

In addition to our metal cutters, we also have welders who are highly-skilled at what they do. This work is in contrast to metal cutting as welders join pieces of metal together. This is done by using molten material that contains a filler substance, which acts as a joint for the two discrete pieces of metal. Once the molten material cools, it creates an incredibly strong bond between the two pieces, which are then joined together. However, sometimes welding is also done through a process that combines heat and pressure, too.


Painting is in a class of its own in our factory in terms of skill. We coat each of our products in an epoxy powder that makes them more durable. However, this painting process requires a steady hand and a good eye that comes only after years and years of experience. Our products need to be evenly coated to perfection, both in terms of receiving an even epoxy coating and in terms of how they look.

If you’re looking for industrial shelving manufacturers that have years of priceless experience behind them, contact an expert at Krost today!

Image credit: http://www.isoquam.eu/de/263-welcome-to-isoquam/