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The Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Warehouse

How AR is a game-changer.

Smart glasses have given us a completely new perspective on the world – another dimension, so to speak. Thanks to these fantastic pieces of tech, we are now subject to what experts call ‘Augmented Reality’, or AR. This technology can be used to capture every moment of one’s life as video, or even browse social media while walking down the street. But, its possibilities go much further than social media.

Augmented reality is undergoing tests in industrial environments, and is believed to be of great benefit to warehouse workers in the very near future. Essentially, this technology will be able to assist workers in located desired items through just looking at the stock from a distance.

Because industrial racking is so versatile and effective, it is able to hold a great deal of products. This can make the location of certain products difficult, but this is soon to be a thing of the past. Current tests involving augmented reality through smart glasses in the warehouse environment have already indicated that warehouse workers are able to locate items more efficiently. In fact, not having to move and climb ladders, and search a variety of places means that workers can pick stock around 25% faster. And, in addition to the efficiency is the safety factor, as workers can locate stock from the safety of the warehouse floor.

How AR Works:

The image is captured: the environment of the user – that is, the world around him or her – is captured as video footage through a set of smart glasses.

Identification: it is important that the scene be identifiable for virtual content. This goal is usually obtained using some form of tracking technology, like GPS.

The scene is processed: through an internet connection, the necessary scene information is processed and the virtual content begins to download.

AR begins: the downloaded information is converged with the scene information, which provides the user with an augmented environment in which he or she sees the physical and virtual world simultaneously.

This will greatly help warehouse workers in future. If a certain product needs to be located, the virtual information will be able to locate the product and lead the worker directly to it. This could drastically improve the efficiency of the warehouse in general, and provide a much safer environment for its workers.

So, the industrial racking in your warehouse can be more extensive, and stock picking will only improve. It’s a win-win.

Image credit: http://screenmediadaily.com/augmented-reality-ar-news/