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The Benefits of Epoxy Powder for Steel Shelving

At Krost, we coat our products in an epoxy paint so that, whether it’s bolted steel shelving Cape Town or warehouse shelving in Johannesburg that a client needs, they get products that are durable and can hold the loads that make their businesses tick.

What is Epoxy Powder Coating?

It is a type of coating that protects a variety of materials, mostly metals such as aluminium, carbon and galvanised steel, copper, and zinc.

What are the Benefits?

There are a number of advantages to coating our steel shelving in epoxy powder, such as offering protection against varying temperatures, compressive forces and impacts, corrosion, and particle abrasion. This means that your shelves themselves have a better shelf-life; you’re not looking at replacing them every few months because they’re too damaged to hold your goods. We understand that our clients have their own specific needs and requirements, so we cater for just about everything that the environment could throw at your shelves.

What is the Process?

Our products pass through an intensive five-stage chemical cleaning process. As per SABS 1274-1979 type 2 method 141, the powder is applied to an average thickness of 55 microns. This is done before oven baking at 210 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Furthermore, our paint specifications are independently verified by Corrosion Advisory Technical Services to conform to SABS standards so that we can assure our clients of the highest quality products at all times.

Our painters are some of our most skilled workers – it takes years and years of practice to have such a steady hand and an eye for detail. It is notoriously difficult to evenly apply an epoxy powder coating, but our team does so with ease on every product.


These are some of our shelves that have just been coated and oven-baked. A perfect result, just about every time.

From Cape Town to Harare, if you’re looking for steel shelving that conforms to the highest standards and won’t buckle and bend under the pressure of your goods, then contact Krost Shelving today!

Main image credit: http://951powdercoating.com/