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The Benefits of Structural Mezzanine Floors

How these raised platforms can greatly improve your warehouse.

Having a high roof on your warehouse and not utilising the space is just a waste. So, if you’re wondering how to take full advantage of the air above your head, you should look at installing a mezzanine floor.

They are useful for a variety of purposes. You could use a mezzanine as a raised office, for example, which would allow you to oversee operations in your warehouse. Alternatively, structural ones, with their weight-bearing support, could be used as packing areas, despatch areas, or could even be used for storage. And, since Krost is able to install these using few support beams, you can utilise the area underneath the mezzanine to its maximum capacity.

Structural mezzanine floors could potentially double the available storage area in your warehouse. This could mean an exponential increase in profits, as you would have twice the storage space for the same amount of overheads. In addition to this, they have the following advantages:

• They are customisable: Krost custom manufactures all of its mezzanine floors to suit the requirements of its customers and the parameters of their warehouses. So you will get a floor perfectly suited to your needs.

• They are versatile: as previously mentioned, mezzanine floors have a variety of purposes. From office space to storage, these platforms add a new dimension to your warehouse space.

• They optimise budget: Whether you rent or own your warehouse, you continue to pay for space that is not being used. Mezzanines are the most cost-effective way of utilising that space.

• They are simple yet efficient: Mezzanines are easy to install, versatile, and strong. This means that they won’t affect your productivity during installation, and require very little maintenance in the future.

They are built to withstand massive loads, which means that your usage options are far from limited. The columns are heavy duty, as are all the components used for the mezzanine, but there is no need for extensive installations. Astute fabrication allows for easy set-ups.

Mezzanines are also available with rack support, meaning that the floor of the mezzanine will be supported by strong pallet racking. This allows for optimum storage above and below, creating maximum efficiency out of all available space. And, if transport of heavy items to the upper floor is necessary, conveyers can be easily installed.

Krost has been installing mezzanine floors for decades, and so we understand their many virtues. If you have wasted space in your warehouse, mezzanine flooring is the best solution for you.

Image credit: http://www.wwcannon.com/mezzanines-structural-systems.php