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The Best Materials to Use for Storage Lockers

Generally speaking, storage lockers are reasonably sized compartments which are equipped with locks in order to keep personal belongings safe. Intended for use by students, company employees, club members, or the general public, they are usually joined together and given a specific area in any given premises.

But, while this very generic description does apply to lockers on a broad scale, we all know that there are many defining characteristics that make different lockers unique. One such characteristic is their shape, another is their size, while yet another is the material from which they are fashioned.

Steel lockers may be the most popular, but lockers often come in other materials such as wood and plastic. Thus, if you are on the hunt for lockers for sale, you might want to consider the type of material that would be best for the lockers’ required purposes. Hopefully this brief look at lockers will help you make an informed decision.

Plastic, Wood, Steel, or Stainless Steel Lockers?

Steel lockers are exceptionally popular in industrial environments because of their toughness and durability. Wood and plastic simply don’t stand up to the rigours of this type of environment. So, if this is to be the purpose of the lockers you buy, take those two materials out of the equation.

Whether you opt for steel or stainless steel lockers depends on the specifics of the environment. Dry industrial environments need only steel lockers. They won’t come into contact with excessive moisture, and the small amounts of liquid that they do encounter – from raincoats or spilled drinks, for example – won’t cause any corrosion thanks to the protective paint coat boasted by higher quality lockers.

Stainless steel lockers may be better for humid environments, such as warehouses in tropical climates and industrial environments that create moisture as part of their processes. These lockers are also a good idea for gyms in which the shower room is connected to the locker area, and the lockers are thus frequently exposed to steam. Again, the protective paint layer goes a long way to protecting the material from rust, but scrapes and nicks are inevitable over time and these will expose the material to the moisture.

Wood and plastic certainly have their places – in pool houses and children’s play rooms, for example. However, if you are looking for strong, sturdy, and durable lockers for sale for your warehouse or workshop, stainless steel or regular steel lockers are certainly the way to go.

Image credit: http://www.pce.ie/kwik-locker/stainless-steel-lockers/