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The Best Storage Solutions For Any Location

Storage solutions can be found for any location and for just about any purpose and if you’ve noticed things beginning to look a little cluttered in your home, office or shop, it may be time to find the solution that works for you. When it comes to storing goods, you have the option of purchasing either shelves or racks, depending on what you need to store and the purpose of the storage.

A shop, for example, will need goods to be displayed to customers, which means there is no sense in using closed-off racks, as consumers will not be able to see the goods that they hold. Similarly, spending a lot of money on lacquered shelves for a storage room is nonsensical and a waste of money as they will not be used to make an impression on customers.

Before you buy, consider the differences between shelving and racking. At some point you may have found yourself asking what each one is. For those who have asked, what is racking, the answer is simple. This is a form of storage that comprises sturdy materials cut uniformly to store multiple items of the same size. Wine racks, for example, are usually built of sturdy wood to house bottles of wine of the same size and shape.

As for the question, what is shelving, this is similar to racking, except that it is not used to store only items of a similar shape and size. Shelves, as you may have noticed in your home or office, are usually used to store a variety of items, some larger and some smaller, of different widths and heights.

If you are considering purchasing shelves, think about the purpose of the shelves and where you need them to be placed. Supermarket shelving for example, will need to be uniform and relatively attractive, while also being easy to clean. This is because the units that will be displayed have to be easy to see, the space has to be hygienic and an effort to make the whole supermarket more attractive will result in more sales.

In a warehouse, racking is much more suitable as the materials used for the shelves need to be functional, rather than aesthetically pleasing and need to be strong enough to hold huge crates, not just a few goods. To that point, it doesn’t really matter if the racks are not uniform, that is, all of the same size and shape, as only those working in the warehouse will see them.

If you are unsure whether shelves or racks are needed, call on the experts, Krost Shelving and get the advice that will help you make a more informed decision.