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The Difference Between Racking and Shelving

In the ever competitive world of wholesale storage allot of people think racking and shelving is the same thing, but it is not. It is crucial to know the difference between racking and shelving. These two concepts differ in the following ways:

Racking is generally regarded as wider, deeper and higher. Think warehouse storage where racking would be the preferred method in storage large quantities of stock.  This method is made so that things can be accessed like boxes, or large containers. Due to the large capacity and weight of these boxes/storage crates, they can only be accessed and moved by assisted machinery such as forklifts. Therefore one can expect racking materials to be more durable due to the amount of access it has to provide and endure through the usage of forklifts.

Shelving on the other hand is generally used for storage of things that need to be accessed by hand. These storage shelves are generally made of solid materials that can support small items. For example, shelves you would see at super markets. They are easily accessible for consumers and for employees stocking them. They do not need assisted machinery to assist in the stocking of items. One can also note that shelving has a more rounded off look, due to the fact that it not only serves as a method of storage, but also a method of successful display and promotion.

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