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The Fashion with Locker Cabinet Décor

Once upon a time, steel lockers were considered decorated if they had photos of friends or the teen heartthrob of the moment; it was Shaun Cassidy years ago and then Justin Bieber in more recent times but that trend seems to be aging rapidly. Today young people are more embracive of their individuality and their personal spaces reflect this, as new standards of ‘cool’ immerge.

In the mid 2000’s, girls in middle schools across America were jumping onto making their school lockers making them look like personalized miniature versions of their bedrooms. Many other young people have locked onto this fast growing trend, to the extent where there are over 100 YouTube videos on how to decorate a locker.

When peeking inside one of these lockers, you will find that they are outfitted with miniature furry carpets, motion-sensor-equipped lamps that glow when the door opens, mirrors, decorative flowers, and magnetic wallpapers in floral and pink leopard-print patterns.
The locker is your first taste of privacy at school at a time in life when that means a lot. Yet, on the outside, lockers are public, visible to anyone walking down the hallway, and therefore an ideal platform to convey one’s image. The truth is being popular is still an ongoing desire for young girls, and, at least through the locker décor trend, all it takes is some creativity in the hallways to gain some popularity.


According to Rachel Simmons, a co-founder of the Girls Leadership Institute, a non-profit group, and the author of Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls, said the trend “exemplifies the mixed messages that girls get about being powerful in the world,” adding: “Now you can’t just go to school and put your books in your locker between periods; it has to become a showcase for your design skills. You become a homemaker in the hallway.”

The fashion with school lockers looking like little teenage girls having too much fun is a worldwide phenomenon that probably gave birth to the use of locker cabinets to decorate homes.

Lockers for South African pupils will certainly mean more to them than just a décor project. Some of the pupils still walk long distances to get to school daily. Lockers in South African schools would add lot of value to the pupils’ lives in that they will not have to carry heavy bags over long distances everyday whenever they go to school. Krost Shelving has a variety of lockers for sale that schools across the country could use and possibly cause everlasting smiles on pupils.