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The Importance of Metal Lockers in Schools


Old metal lockers are becoming the items of choice for fans of retro decorations, but this doesn’t mean that they are no longer useful. The amount of brand new metal lockers for sale proves the continued popularity of metal lockers in South Africa.

Take schools for example. Schools join industrial and white-collar workplaces and tertiary institutions in being great campaigners for metal lockers in South Africa. Aside from being learners’ own pieces of privacy in the otherwise busy hub that is a school, metal lockers are incredibly useful.

Here are some benefits which make new and old metal lockers completely invaluable to schools.

Schools Jump at Metal Lockers for Sale

Lockers used to be something used mainly in American schools – which meant that South African learners would have to cart heaps of books, writing implements, and extra clothing items around their schools on their back, hoping their bag straps had the strength to hang on.

But lockers are becoming more and more popular in South African schools for the following reasons:

1. They Promote Diligence

The old ‘dog ate my textbook’ simply doesn’t fly when there are lockers around. When given the privilege of lockers, learners can bring all of their heavy books to school and leave them there. This certainly helps their posture, but it helps the schools, too. This is because students with on-site lockers have no excuse for not bringing their books to class.

2. They Combat Theft

Unfortunately, schools do see their fair share of petty theft. With this in mind, a metal locker with a sound lock is a far safer place to store certain valuables than in a flimsy bag, protected only by a zip. Some schools feel that lockers might encourage theft as they present a good hiding place for stolen property, but a school’s simple reservation of the right to search its lockers can solve that issue.

3. They’re Convenient

Aside from their books, learners often have to carry extra clothing and accessories (like umbrellas) as well as their lunch in their school bags. These place undue strain on learners’ shoulders. It is far better for learners to be able to store these items in their lockers, along with extra clothing that they shed as the day warms up.

Essentially, learners’ lives are made far easier if they have access to lockers. And happy, healthy learners are nothing but a huge benefit to schools around the country.


Image credit: http://www.ebay.com/gds/Money-Saving-Tips-for-Decorating-Your-High-School-Locker-/10000000178570849/g.html