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The importance of safety in the workplace

Krost Shelving Manufacturers

Industry places a lot of emphasis on safety in the workplace. This isn’t just because it is necessary by law, or through sheer compassion, but the cost of injury to work staff affecting production is a major motivating factor.

Injuries directly result in employees missing work while still receiving pay, and having to pay employees while no work is being done is not good for business. Intelligent companies therefore place great emphasis on safety and health programmes.

Protection in the workplace is not just about safety gloves and fire hydrants. There are many factors that go into ensuring the safety of employees, some of which can be easily overlooked.

Take a look at this infographic explaining the costly impact of workplace injuries:

Krost Shelving Manufacturing


Credit: https://www.magnatag.com/


Krost shelving manufacturers offers provides a variety of products and services that contribute to safety in industry.

Here are a couple examples of how quality products and careful thought can assist with safety and prevent hazardous situations:

  • Storage and racking are not only useful for efficiently displaying products, but they free up space on the production floor, which is crucial in the event a dangerous situation such as a fire. Imagine having to clamber over boxes piled to the roof while being engulfed in flames. Sufficient floor space in a warehouse or office is of paramount importance.
  • Krost shelving also manufactures mezzanine floors that provide easy installation and maintenance, preventing any major construction hazards. Whenever there is heavy machinery involved, the risks and health hazards are increased.
  • Work lockers provide safe storage for dangerous industrial equipment. You don’t want unsafe goods being handled by the wrong people. Further, staff lockers provide surety in the safety of personal goods.

It is estimated that companies that prioritise safety are able to reduce work related incidents by up to 20%. However, all said and done, the onus also boils down to the individual’s own awareness.

The following video is a good example of what can happen at the workplace when workers are reckless:

Main image credit: http://binscorner.com/pages/s/safety-at-work.html