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The Many Varieties of Shelves

For hundreds if not thousands of years, shelves have been a standard part of having, and storing, products. From the times of the cavemen, naturally occurring shelves were used to store items that were not in use, to dry foodstuffs and to decorate spaces.

Of course, these days, we have many more varieties of shelves and they have many more uses too. Shelving Durban, Cape Town or anywhere in the country has become big business, and for those who need to have shelves installed, this means thinking about what you need before you buy.

Since there are so many varieties, businesses and individuals need to consider the shelves that would best suit their needs before purchasing. A fixed bracket shelf, or shelving system, is ideal for those who need shelves they can move around. In a home, this means a shelf that could be moved from one room to another.

In a business, it could translate to a shelf moved from an office to a warehouse for example. But shelves can be built-in too. These types are generally for use in one room only, and though they can be uninstalled and re-installed as needed, they are often used to hold decorative items which stay in one particular room.

For those who have a more modern home or office, floating shelves, a form of the built-in shelf, add a rather futuristic look to the room, whether built of wood, metal or plastic. These are excellent space savers, and ensure that where space is tight, there is a place to store items or to make the room look prettier.

Another way of doing this is with corner shelves. As you may have already guessed, these are shelves installed in the room’s corner, or corners, and can be built-in, floating or mobile (which means they can be moved from room to room).

If space saving is important to you, you may also consider hanging shelves, which are those suspended from the wall. These are not easily installed and are certainly not for lightweight walls, such as those made of prefabricated board.

Though they can be made to appear stylish, this costly and is only a solution if you are hoping to achieve a stylistic ‘look and feel’. Perhaps the most important thing to consider before you buy the finest shelving Durban can offer, the most modern in Johannesburg or have your Cape Town shelves made to order, is that shelves are built to take certain weights and for various purposes.

Considering the weight and the purpose will dictate the style. Then again, you could also ask the experts, Krost Shelving, to consider those elements for you and direct you towards the shelves that suit your needs.