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The Three Longest Cantilever Bridges

A cantilever is a structure that juts out horizontally and is supported only on one side. However unstable this sounds, due to the fact that it cannot rotate from side to side, it is one of the most secure structures of all – which is why cantilever racking is excellent for storing awkwardly shaped items, even if they are very heavy. Cantilevers are so secure, in fact, that they have been used in the construction of enormous bridges since the 1800s. Read on to find out more about the three longest cantilever bridges in the world.

Quebec Bridge

The Quebec Bridge spans the massive Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. Originally designed by Thomas Cooper, an American civil engineer, it was redesigned after a failure in calculations resulted in the deaths of 75 people in 1907. It was eventually completed in 1919, and officially opened by the Prince of Wales on the 22nd of August. At 927 metres, it is the longest cantilever bridge in the world.


Forth Bridge

Cantilever Racking - Krost Shelving

Image Credit: http://www.firstpr.com.au/show-and-tell/photos-postcards-1/

The Forth Bridge is a railway bridge that spans 520 metres across Firth of Forth in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was completed on the 2nd of March 1890, and took eight years to build. Designed by Benjaman Baker, it was one of the first cantilever bridges ever built, representing a breakthrough in the field of civil engineering. In total, 73 bridgers are said to have lost their lives during its construction.

Cantilever Racking Forth Bridge - Krost Shelving

Image Credit: http://www.mgkscot.com/pieman/pieman’s_digital_pic_of_scotland/pages/forth-bridge-sunset.htm


Minato Bridge

Minato Bridge Cantilever Racking - Krost Shelving

Image Credit: Hiroshi Nakai

The Minato Bridge, located in Japan, connects the cities of Osaka and Amagasaki. A double-deck cantilever truss bridge, it was designed to allow two highways to run parallel to one another over the Osaka Harbour. At 510 metres, it is the third longest cantilever bridge in the world. The upper deck first opened to traffic in 1974, and the lower deck was operative from 1991.

Minato Bridge Cantilever Racking - Krost Shelving

Image Credit: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/72148334

The cantilever is an endlessly versatile structure, working as well for bridges as it does for cantilever racking systems. Call Krost Shelving and Racking today, and we’ll advise you on the best storage systems for your work space.