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The Importance of Effective Warehouse Shelving

If you manage a warehouse, you will know just how important it is to ensure that your employees are safe and to reduce the possibility of injuries in the workplace as much as possible. Injuries that can take place in a warehouse include falling objects, falling from height, being hit by a moving vehicle, and more. This is why warehouse shelving is so important; if you have the right shelving installed, you will reduce the possibility of falling objects, as well as your employees falling from heights.

Effective warehouse shelving means that you will not only have a strong and durable product installed, but you will also have an expert team who can advise you on the correct height to install these products at, as well as the weight that they are able to bear. This will allow you to effectively store your items in your warehouse, while keeping your employees safe in the process.

Shelving plays a very important role in warehouse safety as it also allows you to neatly store and arrange your items so that they are not in the way and become a hazard to your employees. You need to keep in mind that your isles should be open to vehicles like forklifts so that they can move freely and not have any obstructions. This will also help to reduce injuries among your employees in the warehouse.

Here is a great infographic with more helpful tips on how you can prevent injuries:

warehouse shelving

Image credit: platformtrucks4u.co.uk (edited) 

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