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The Right Shelving and Racking Systems for Smooth Warehouse Operations

Warehouse efficiency – despite all of the technology of warehouse management software, and cleverly-designed shelving and racking systems that we have available, full productivity is still as elusive for many warehouse owners and managers as ever.

This is particularly true for businesses where turnover of stock is high. It is imperative to have the correct stock levels at all times, which means having a proper cash flow to stock ratio. But this is certainly easier said than done.

If you feel that your high stock turnover warehouse is not operating optimally, the first step in setting it on the right path is to evaluate your current system. This is best done with warehouse management software that will enable you to measure performance in various areas and departments, which will go a long way to determining what processes need to be amended.

Once you have evaluated your current practices, the next step is to determine which stock is moving the quickest and which is moving the slowest. It should be obvious that the fastest moving items should be the easiest to reach: don’t put your fast-moving stock on the highest point of your shelving and racking system in the furthest and darkest corner of your warehouse. But many managers underestimate the time that it takes to pick this stock – indeed, it seems negligible, but when you take all of those little bits of time and the number of workers all accessing the items, sometimes several times every day, and add it all up, the time wasted is a lot. And in the warehousing industry, time is money.

Furthermore, remember that racking and shelving systems were not all created equally.

Actually, this isn’t strictly true, but it is certainly correct to say that the wrong shelving and racking system will slow down picking and packing a great deal. Call in an expert to evaluate the storage systems that you are using to make sure that your warehouse operations are running smoothly. Think of your employee needing to search for small items of stock within a bulk pallet storage system – it will certainly hinder speed!

To speed up operations, as well as accuracy in your warehouse, contact Krost today – we offer our storage solutions all over southern Africa, whether it’s shelving in Cape Town or Johannesburg, or lockers in Mozambique – we do it all, all over!

Main image credit: Mark Hunter via Flickr