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The Three Rules of Pallet Racking Usage

Pallet racking safety is, of course, a primary concern in warehouses all over the country and around the world.  Incorrect stacking and poor pallet racking usage can result in costly damage to warehouse equipment and, in the worst cases, the death or severe injury of warehouse personnel.

However, dangerous and expensive scenarios can be greatly avoided through the proper use and care of racking.  To this end, there are three basic rules that will ensure a safe environment.  But, before you even consider these rules, make sure that you purchase the best pallet racking South Africa has to offer for your warehouse.

Some of the pallet racking for sale around the country is of inferior quality, and the purchasing of this racking is simply inviting disaster into your warehouse.  But, fortunately, you’ve already found some of the leading pallet racking suppliers in SA.

At Krost we pride ourselves in the quality of our racking, and in our industry proficiency.  This is precisely why we would like to provide the following fundamental tips for pallet racking usage.

Pallet Racking South Africa: 3 Important Rules


  1. Proper Usage

This should go without saying, but many warehouses overlook the improper loading of their racking.  It is important that the load limits – which are provided on each and every rack – are never exceeded, and the proper load dimensions are always adhered to.  Also, it is vitally important that you don’t make any alterations or repairs without first consulting your pallet racking suppliers in SA.

  1. Correct Training

Improper loading or careless driving on the part of forklift operators can severely compromise the ability of the racking to function properly.  Frequent small collisions with the racking system can weaken its integrity, which can lead to collapse or toppling if improperly loaded.

  1. Frequent Inspections

Because accidents do happen, it is important to conduct regular safety inspections of all racking systems.  Check for the proper loading of racking within the weight and dimension restrictions, and inspect the racking for minor damage.  If you discover any weaknesses, report them immediately and begin the repair process.

Ensure Warehouse Safety and Great Life for Your Racking

If you start out by buying the highest quality pallet racking for sale, then be sure to train your employees to handle the racking properly and to conduct frequent safety inspections, there’s no reason you can’t have a perfectly safe environment in your warehouse.  For more on warehouse safety, be sure to contact Krost today!


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