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Tips For Getting The Best Of Your Steel Lockers

Having steel lockers installed at home, in your office or even in a warehouse frees up a lot of space and gives your staff, your kids and even you a safe place to put all of the items that are not directly in use at all times.

However, for those who have had stainless steel lockers before, a few problems may have arisen, such as damp, rust, hinges that break or even strange smells. There are a few ways though, to ensure you get the maximum life from your units and keep them in pristine condition for the long haul.

Unlike stainless steel racking that is open to the air and thus, breathable, lockers are closed off and that means at times, people will forget lunch items, open cans of paint or glue or even strange items within them. A great way to stop this in its tracks, keep mould and funny smells at bay, is to institute a weekly cleanout.

This means that you allocate half an hour every Friday, for example, to your workers in which they need to clean foodstuffs and other smelly items out of their lockers. Friday is the ideal time to do it too, since the smelly items won’t be left in the lockers over the weekend.

Another great tip to keep lockers looking great, and that can be used for stainless steel shelves too, it to add plastic bottoms to the lockers. Round plastic or rubber mats and bottoms raise the lockers slightly, which means that if a flood occurs on your floors, if someone spills a drink or even if the lockers are outdoors in a shaded area, they won’t become wet. This means less worry about erosion of the metal and moulds becoming stuck to the bottom of the lockers.

An aspect of lockers that is worth considering is the safety of these. If you were not concerned about safety, you would likely buy stainless steel shelving and not lockers, but other than getting every employee to keep a lock and key at hand, how else can you keep the lockers accessible but secure?

Coin operated lockers provide a great way of doing this and ensure that employees don’t take the lockers for granted. They insert a coin and the locker locks with a key. When they insert the key again, the coin pops out. This means no lost keys since employees are motivated not to lose them.

Speak to the experts at Krost regarding your locker needs and get a few more tips thrown into the bargain. Lockers can be a great asset if you make the most of them.