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Tips for Warehouse Cleanliness

warehouse manufacturers in Johannesburg


4 easy ways to make your warehouse spotless and more efficient.


As warehouse manufacturers in Johannesburg, we at Krost love to supply you with the highest quality warehouse shelving available.  However, we also like to give you tips and information regarding the use and maintenance of our shelving, and how this can make your warehouse more effective.


Clean warehouses are safer, more productive, and far more organised, which reduces the risk of injury to your staff and damage to your racking.  This is why we would like to provide you with the following tips on cleanliness, which will help your warehouse shelving and your warehouse productivity all at once:


  1. Set some goals

When warehouse cleanliness gets pushed aside, it is easy for a huge mess to accumulate very fast.  Then, when it does come time for cleaning, the job is so big that it completely hampers your productivity.


To avoid this, set up a cleaning schedule that operates regularly (daily, weekly, or monthly at the longest), and assign different tasks to different units.  You can even set the regularity according to the type of task, asking for floors to be cleaned on a daily basis and warehouse shelving on a monthly basis.


  1. Add cleaning to task descriptions

In order to keep your warehouse constantly clean, you should incorporate cleaning into the various tasks and processes of your warehouse.  Introduce a rule which states that a particular process is not considered complete until the mess which it created has been tidied.  This will ensure that your warehouse stays clean at all times and never requires a large cleaning initiative.


  1. Enforce zone cleaning

One of the easiest ways to assign cleaning tasks is having your employees take responsibility for their own zones.  Employees must ensure that their particular areas are clean before leaving their shift, making sure that these areas are never left dirty for the next shift coming on.

For the areas which require a more thorough cleaning, schedule specific cleaning days and simply ask the employees who work in these zones to make sure that they are kept free of clutter and dirt on a daily basis.


  1. Make cleaning easy

Employees that have to hunt for cleaning supplies following every job or shift will be less motivated to clean up after themselves.  This is why you should make cleaning supplies readily available for all employees.  Have regular cleaning stations positioned throughout the warehouse, so that cleaning supplies and items are never far from hand.

As warehouse shelving manufacturers, we stress the benefits of keeping a clean warehouse.  Anything that improves safety, organisation, and productivity is bound to be a worthwhile implementation in a warehouse.

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