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Tips to De-clutter Your Office [Infographic]

Image credit: Doorda

When it comes to your office, things may often be a bit crazy and you might not always be thinking about your racking systems and de-cluttering your workspace. But there are a few easy ways that you can clean up your working space and be more organised with your racking and shelving in the office – and it’s easier than you think.

One of the first things to consider is to reduce the amount of wiring and electrical equipment that you have. There are many new devices available that will de-clutter your workspace and make it easier and more productive to work with. Next, reduce your paper clutter; you can do this by working with digital files, sending email messages and receiving your faxes digitally. It’s easier and more secure to store, too.

You can also consider working on a laptop instead of a desktop computer as this will take up less space and you can take it with you when you need to go out and see a client, or simply at night for added safety. It also uses less energy than a traditional computer so it’s more energy efficient, too. Just think of all the wires you will be able to remove! It’s a great way to de-clutter and make your day more productive.

Looking for a few more tips? Here is a great infographic with more helpful tips on how to de-clutter your office:

racking and shelving

Image credit: Metro Fax

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