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Top 4 Places to use Steel Shelving in Your Home

Steel Shelving


Steel shelving isn’t just for warehouses and hardware stores anymore! Good quality, general purpose steel shelving is relatively low-cost, very strong and long lasting, and customisable – making it perfect for use around the home, too. Using steel shelves can help to encourage cleanliness and better organisation, essential for the creation of comfortable leisure and work spaces. Many metal shelving systems also come in modern designs and even different colours, so you’re free to use them in visible areas as well as storage spaces, without having to worry about them looking out of place. Here are four top ways we love using general purpose steel shelving in the home:

  1. In the Garage

The garage tends to be one of the fullest and most cluttered places in the home, but chances are that you haven’t seen the full potential of all the vertical space you have available to you. Steel shelving units that go from floor to ceiling will help you free up plenty of extra floor space and assist you in organising your car accessories, garden tools and more.


  1. In the Pantry

General purpose steel shelving is a definite winner when it comes to organising a messy pantry. Well designed and efficiently packed shelves will free up valuable cabinet space in the kitchen and help to keep your foods organised. You can store heavy bulk items such as tinned food, flour and rice effortlessly on lower shelves, and keep more frequently used items within easy reach. These kinds of shelves are also resistant to water damage (unlike wooden shelves) and easy to clean in case of sticky spills.


  1. In the Study or Home Office

It is ideal for heavy appliances such as printers, fax machines and copiers, and will free up plenty of extra desk and surface area to keep your workspace in order. Many home offices also require storage of large amounts of heavy reference books, files of records, and other items in need of strong, long-term storage solutions.

  1. Hobby and Craft Areas

Avid hobbyists will love the practicality and massive storage space of general purpose steel shelving. Whether its gardening, woodwork, mosaic or pottery, steel shelving will help you to organise your workspace for maximum enjoyment and keep all of your materials, tools and reference books safe and dry, and always within reach.


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