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What Type of Shelving Is Best for Your Business?


Though we manufacture a lot of our industrial shelving for use in warehouses, the truth is that we have a wide variety of products which are perfect for an equally wide variety of businesses. In addition to warehouse facilities, industrial shelving is commonly used in shops, refrigerated storage facilities, and even libraries.


If you have a business that requires storage, it is a given that industrial shelves will work for you. The only question is: what kind of shelves do you need? In addition to supplying the actual shelves, we can help you answer this question. Here is a look at some of the types of shelves we make, and their ideal purposes:


The Best Shelving for Your Business


  1. Rivet Shelves

These shelves use rivet beams to create high density storage capable of holding a variety of items. They are rigid enough that they can be used in everything from warehouse environments to retail outlets to offices.


  1. Bolted Steel Shelves

Bolted steel shelves are bolted in place, as the name suggests, and are the most economical and basic shelving option. But, because of this, they are also highly versatile, working in just about any environment imaginable. The basic shelves can be used in shops, libraries, workshops, etc. while the units with drawers and partitions are great for the storage of small items in both industrial and retail settings.


  1. Gondola Shelves

Gondola shelves are ideal for stores, which is why they are so common in modern retail. You will often see gondola shelves in supermarkets, bottle stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, and cafés.


  1. Boltless Heavy-weight Shelves

These shelves are designed with the specific purpose of supporting heavy loads, making them ideal for industrial use. However, their sturdy nature means that they will function perfectly in just about any setting. If your business requires you to store heavy items, boltless heavy-weight shelves are definitely a good choice for you.


  1. Boltless Medium-weight Shelves

Like the heavy-weight shelves, boltless medium-weight shelves are sturdy and versatile, but designed to hold less weight. So, if your business needs to support items that aren’t exceptionally heavy, this might be the best option for you.


Where to Buy Your Business’s Shelving


At Krost we make a wide variety of shelving for a great many purposes, meaning that we have the perfect solutions for your business’s needs. For more on the best shelves to suit your business, be sure to contact us today!