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Types of Mezzanine Flooring and Their Uses

New York City is a perfect example of the use of vertical space.  Being limited by water, Manhattan’s expansion had no choice but to reach for the sky.  This is excellent inspiration for warehouse owners who want to capitalise on their space.  With warehouses having high ceilings, there is ample room above everyone’s heads – and the perfect way to utilise this space is through the use of mezzanine floors.

Warehouses and industrial environments find mezzanine floors extremely useful for storage, as well as loading and sorting areas.  These floors can potentially double the floor space of a storage area, massively increasing efficiency.

The fact that these floors are so useful for industrial environments is the reason that Krost offers high-quality mezzanine floors for sale.  After all, we are committed to increasing the safety, efficiency, and general operational ability of South African warehouses.

That being said, we offer different types of mezzanine flooring, and some are suited to different environments.  You’ll find that our mezzanine floors for sale can become anything from industrial to residential to retail mezzanine floors.

So, to give you an idea of a couple of other uses for mezzanines, let’s take a look at how they appear in various other environments.

The Commercial Mezzanine Floor

Retail mezzanine floors are, of course, used in shops and have many uses in this commercial environment.  Similarly to warehouses, retail outlets have large amounts of stock that needs storage.  Mezzanine floors are an excellent, and easily accessible, way to store this stock.

A commercial mezzanine floor can also be used as an additional display area for smaller shops, allowing customers more space to explore the shop’s products.  Alternatively, mezzanine floors can be used as office areas in smaller shops – elevated out of the display area of the shop.

The Residential Mezzanine Floor

Residential Mezzanine Floor | Krost Shelving

Image: http://freshome.com/2013/11/12/31-inspiring-mezzanines-to-uplift-your-spirit-and-increase-square-footage/

Industrial mezzanines are proving very popular in modern interior design.  Many apartments going for the industrial-inspired look are tending to add mezzanines to their bedrooms, acting as home offices.

Alternatively, mezzanines can be bedrooms themselves, creating privacy in studio apartments.  Not only is this look extremely fashionable, it is functional as well.

Mezzanine Floors for Every Situation

Mezzanines created by Krost are not only extremely useful, they are of the highest quality.  This means that they can safely withstand a great amount of stress, making them ideal for a variety of situations.

If you would like to explore the benefits of mezzanines in greater detail, be sure to contact Krost today!


Image credit: http://retaildesignblog.net/tag/menswear/