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Use Metal Or Steel Double Door Lockers To Protect Valuables

Most people regard metal or steel double door lockers as being intended primarily for the safekeeping of personal items such as clothing, sporting equipment, a packed lunch and perhaps a wallet or a handbag. In practice, while this may often be quite enough to satisfy the needs of many of their users, others have managed to find a surprising number of alternative applications for these tough and highly versatile storage cabinets.

08_krost shelving - metal or steel double door lockersAs a company specialising in the design and manufacture of storage solutions for both domestic and commercial use, Krost Shelving has had almost half a century in which to identify the needs of our customers and to develop the most effective products with which to address them. Our range is extensive and, in particular, our metal or steel double door lockers is a popular choice and one that is to be found in locations as diverse as schools, hostels, sporting facilities, night clubs, professional kitchens, various laboratories and on numerous factory floors, to name just a few.

Maintaining an aseptic or sterile environment is important not just to surgeons and scrub nurses but also in research facilities such as those of the pharmaceutical companies and in certain specialised manufacturing environments. In the manufacture of microchips and other electronic components similarly stringent conditions are essential to prevent the entry of contaminants that could cause malfunctions. Here the dependence upon sterile garments makes it necessary to leave day clothes securely stored in non-sterile areas – a task for which the Krost metal or steel double door lockers are ideally suited.

On other occasions it may be the worker rather than the work that is in need of protection. Many South Africans are required to work in hazardous situations where their safety may be threatened by anything from falling objects to toxic or corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, ionizing radiation and a variety of newly emerging biohazards. In such situations, protective clothing is vital and mandatory and, in extreme cases, some workers may be required to shed all of their outdoor clothing in preparation for decontamination procedures – creating yet another reason to equip these and other premises like them with metal or steel double door lockers in which to store their normal clothing and other personal items securely.

Because of the ease with which these units may be reconfigured using added shelves, they are not restricted to providing convenient hanging space. In practice you will find them in first aid rooms where they are used to house dressings and other items that may be required to treat minor injuries. In the kitchens or communal tea-rooms, metal or steel double door lockers prove equally useful.