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Using Shelving Systems for Automotive Parts

If your car left you standing on the side of the road again this week (wondering what you did wrong in life) you might not believe this fact, but the statistics show that vehicle life is actually increasing.  Part of the reason for this is the fact is the rising availability of replacement parts.  Add to this the more reasonable cost of maintaining a vehicle, as opposed to replacing it, and you have the answer as to why so many motorists are hanging onto their vehicles.  This does, however, create a demand for shelving suppliers in Johannesburg.


The recent confidence in replacement parts is certainly great for mechanics.  The increased number of people wanting to keep maintaining their vehicles means that small businesses specialising in vehicle repair are experiencing an increase in business.  But this comes with the challenge of having to store more spare parts on site.


Fortunately for mechanics, industrial shelving systems are excellent for the storage of automotive parts.  Leading shelving manufacturers, like Krost, design industrial shelving for use in areas where space is money, such as warehouses and workshops.  Similarly, where space is crucial in vehicle repair workshops, efficient storage can make mechanics a great deal of money.


The Many Uses for Shelving Systems


Industrial shelving systems are great for the effective storage of necessary items, such as tools.  As opposed to having them crammed into a rusty tool box in the back of the shop, or, worse still, scattered across the workshop, mechanics can arrange tools neatly in areas of their shelving.  This makes the sharing of tools less likely to result in loss.


Shelving is also extremely useful for the storage of spare parts.  Leading shelving manufacturers build their shelving to meet the highest standards, making it incredibly sturdy.  For this reason, industrial shelving is strong enough to hold all sorts of automotive spares.  And, as previously mentioned, the compact nature of this shelving allows mechanics to store a great deal of parts and still free up space in their workshops.


Industrial shelving also has the added benefit of being customisable, to a certain degree.  This makes the storage of oddly shaped parts, such as tyres, a great deal easier.  Tyres can be stacked vertically, which is far more space efficient and better for the reduction of clutter.  Furthermore, this storage method makes warehouses safer, as floor-stacking tyres creates a number of hazards.


So, if you have a workshop, and are looking to take advantage of the rising trend in vehicle maintenance, now is the time to seriously consider adding some shelving systems to your operation.  For excellent shelving suppliers in Johannesburg, look no further than Krost.




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