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Warehouse Shelving Systems: How to Improve Space in Your Warehouse

Whether you are operating a warehouse dedicated to a company’s inventory supply, or you offer your services to a variety of companies, space is your main commodity.  In a warehouse, the more space you have, the better your profits.  So, if space is what you need, warehouse shelving is your best friend.

Warehouse Shelving Units Avoid Slow Operations

When business is booming, you might find yourself with too much stock to store in your warehouse.  This might mean that you fill areas like aisles and loading docks with stock that should be on your warehouse shelves.  This leads to slow stock picks and compromised picking routes, which generally slows down your business operations.


Warehouse Really Full | Krost Shelving


Is Your Warehouse Really Full, or Do You Just Need Warehouse Shelves Racks?

If you do have inventory blocking important areas of your warehouse, you need to decide if your warehouse is actually at its maximum capacity.  How do you do this?  Look up!

Many warehouse owners use floor stacking as a means of saving money on warehouse storage shelving.  But, in the long run, this doesn’t save money at all.  This is because floor stacking leaves a huge amount of vertical space unused.  This is prime space that could hold a great deal of inventory with the help of warehouse metal shelving.

Floor stacking decreases the amount of inventory your warehouse is able to hold, and inhibits the picking processes through clutter and confusion.  The result: less profit-making ability and less efficiency.

Warehouse Shelves Solve These Problems

Warehouse shelving helps solve these problems on both fronts.  Firstly, warehouse shelving systems give you the ability to use all of your available vertical space.  Warehouse shelving units allow you to stack inventory much higher, more safely than you could using floor stacking.  This allows you to store far more inventory in your warehouse.

Secondly, warehouse shelves racks help you eliminate the need for a messy warehouse.  The extra space for inventory frees up the aisles and loading areas.  And, with these able to function as they were intended, your efficiency will go straight up.

Warehouse Storage Shelving

If you aren’t maximising your warehouse’s vertical space with warehouse metal shelving, you are missing out on a large amount of possible profit.  But, fortunately, this is easily remedied.  Contact Krost today to order your warehouse shelving and make sure that you don’t lose out on any more profits.


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