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Warehouse Solutions For Your Budget

Warehouse managers are far too familiar with the ever-increasing costs of warehouse expansion. Although not something to complain about as the need to increase warehousing solutions means business is doing well, but the costs involved in increasing said warehouse space is a pretty penny.

How much will you be paying to increase your warehouse’s capacity? Well, the exact amount depends on the dimensions of your proposed increase. However, one can foresee how much it might cost by considering the costs of the following departments that will be involved in the expansion of your warehousing solutions.


Although you aren’t planning to build the next leaning tower of Pisa or Arc de Triomphe, the expansion plans behind your proposed warehouse increase needs plans. This will require that you employ a certified architect to draw up plans that will give you the biggest increase and cost you the least. The services of a quantity surveyor will help you keep building costs at a minimum, barring the service cost of the quantity surveyor.


Speaking of certified architects, another cost you should consider is the administration costs involved behind getting municipal approval for your proposed warehouse extension and getting all documentation certified. This might not be the biggest cost involved but it will certainly be among the most time consuming. And fail to have the correct documentation and you can kiss the extension goodbye.


This is where your budget will take its biggest hit. From purchasing building material, paying the construction team and transportation units, the costs involved during the construction phase is sure to set your budget back. And don’t forget to pay the Project Manager and health & safety units.

Is there an alternative to all of this? Of course, and it’s easier to get than you can imagine.

Simply contact your local shelving and racking supplier and make use of mezzanine floors. This affordable, durable and practical flooring unit is ideal for when you want to increase the space in your warehouse but don’t want to pay the bill for it. Companies like Krost Shelving is your ideal for your warehouse solutions.

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