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Warehouse Storage Shelving: Using Your Warehouse Shelving to Maximise Space

To the rest of the world, time is money. But, in the warehousing business, space is money.  The more space you have in your warehouse, the better your ability to work efficiently and turn a profit. So, it stands to reason that you don’t want to waste space. Warehouse shelving systems can only go so far in helping you – they don’t pack themselves. It is up to you to organise your warehouse shelving units and pack them efficiently.

But, fortunately, you aren’t alone when it comes to this. We’re here to offer you some advice on making the most of your warehouse shelves racks so that you can maximise the precious space in your warehouse.

Tips for Organising Your Warehouse Shelves

  1. Warehouse Shelving Layout

The way you organise your warehouse shelving systems can have a big impact on efficiency.  If your warehouse metal shelving experiences the common 80/20 rule (where 20 percent of the stock on the warehouse shelves racks accounts for 80 percent of sales), then you need to organise your warehouse shelves accordingly. Move the warehouse storage shelving containing the most popular picks closer to the shipping area for shorter picking routes and less chaos in general.

  1. Stack Your Warehouse Metal Shelving High

If the space above your head is going unutilised, you are missing out on valuable real estate in your warehouse. Warehouse metal shelving is designed for high stacking, and can take heavy loads. By moving your stock upwards, you will be able to clear precious space on the floor which allows for more efficient picking routes and less clutter. This is also a good move as far as warehouse safety is concerned.

  1. Choose the Right Warehouse Shelving Units

The type of shelving or racking solution that you choose for your warehouse can have a big impact on its space. Solutions such as double-deep pallet racking or drive in/drive through racking and carton live racking make it much easier to save space due to their inherent designs. Consider which options would be the best for the specific purposes of your warehouse and the amount of space you have available.

Contact the Right Company for the Job

With years of experience, we have seen it all.  And, as such, we are the perfect company to help you get the absolute maximum out of your warehouse shelving units.

So, for professionally made hardware and the right expertise, be sure to contact Krost today!

Image credit: http://www.t-racking.com/news/storage-shelves-selection-criteria/