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Warehouse Safety – Benefitting from Low Cost Solutions

Image credit: Wakefields 

With the rising number of injuries in the storage industry every year, effective safety measures have become essential. There are numerous ways that workers can be injured in a warehouse – from seemingly small errors like leaving stock on the floor which can be tripping hazards, to badly installed mezzanine floors collapsing. But it’s not necessarily expensive to ensure that you maintain safety, as you can make use of cost-effective solutions. One such as way is to use an expert shelving, racking, and mezzanine floors expert like Krost to manufacture and install all of your shelving systems. Here are a few others:

When you manage a warehouse, make use of floor markings to ensure that your forklift drivers steer clear of dangerous areas like conveyer belts. This will help them to keep within the specified areas they should operate in, making it safer for all. You can also use guardrails as this can prevent forklifts from taking shortcuts around corners. This will force them to drive properly and not cut through smaller areas.

Make sure that your employees avoid areas that are only meant for forklifts. Choose to prevent pedestrians and employees from walking in aisles that are only meant for forklifts by putting up signs and restricting access. You should also use proper lighting in all aisles at all times, regardless of whether or not it’s only for forklifts. Proper lighting will allow everyone to see better and avoid possible injuries while on duty.

Make sure that your factory or warehouse workers use bright colors when they are on duty. Wearing brightly-coloured clothing will make them more visible and reduce the possibility that they might get hurt by a passing forklift. Also reduce any clutter in aisles that might cause obstructions in terms of sight, and allow your forklifts to pass through without any issues. Clutter is not only inconvenient but can be a safety hazard, too.

If you are in charge of the design of the warehouse, make sure that everything is within reach of the particular operator, to avoid unnecessary driving or walking around the place. This will also help reduce injuries and make the entire place more accessible.

Finally, remember to make use of anti-fatigue mats. These safety precautions will reduce fatigue and make operations much more efficient too. Tired workers tend to make mistakes so try to avoid this where possible. It’s fairly inexpensive but very efficient in almost any working or warehouse environment.

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