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What To Do When There’s Not Enough Space

Space is something we are very lucky enough to have an abundance of in South Africa, but when small companies start to grow, and when you start collecting more and more ‘stuff’, the walls can feel as though they are closing in on you. So what’s the solution, how much will it cost you and how do you add space without actually buying another building?

For those businesses and homes that seem to be running out of space, the easiest way to create more is with the installation of steel lockers. A steel locker is an additional storage space that allows those who use it to keep all of their belongings in a designated area, and thus, keep clutter to a minimum.

For a business, this is crucial since employee jackets, handbags and other items cannot simply be strewed all over the floor, or dumped haphazardly in one corner. Not only does this look awful, but it is also a health and safety concern. Lockers allow for each employee to have a space they can call their own, lock up their valuables and provides a neater way of storing just about everything.

This may seem smart in a warehouse or other industrial site, but how about an office? Surely in a space in which people have desks there is no need for lockers right? Actually, this is an ideal way to save space and provide a little privacy to those working in an office.

Lockers allow employees a space to keep their personal belongings, so that their desks are less messy and there is less chance of items being stolen, a common concern in larger corporations.

Finally, what about the home? Well, experts in interior design will tell you that if you come across steel lockers for sale, you should buy them immediately for your home.

Not only are these visually appealing, but they provide you with a place to put all of your items no matter what room they are in. A small set of lockers in the kitchen provide an ideal mini-pantry, while those placed in the bedroom give you an extra space to store clothes you are not using for the season.

As for the living room, a set of lockers provides you with an ideal place to file books, CDs and DVDs while they are not in use, and is a lot more visually interesting than a DVD rack.

Remember that if you need to, you can speak to a steel lockers manufacturer to have these made according to your personal specifications, but whether home or office, or even warehouse, speak to the experts at Krost for the best advice and items.