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What is Pallet Mole Racking?

For every business, there is a great concern, one that will follow them as long as they keep their doors open – storage. Not just for storing their items until sale, but also in storing their items so they will have minimal damage and maximum sale value. Plus, there is the need for this storage to be used in vertical applications, and to thus enhance efficiency for the staff.

For those particular businesses that require high-density warehouse storage, the solution comes with a method to increase productivity, as well as enable the accurate tracking of stock. This particular solution is named: pallet mole racking.

Pallet mole racking is battery-powered and can be used in any context. In particular, it is well suited for large scale storage, especially warehouses with high volume – low stock keeping units (SKU). For these businesses, the most attractive feature is they allow businesses to take advantage of such storage methods as First-In-First-Out, or FIFO, and Last-In-First-Out, commonly referred to as LIFO. Additionally, pallet mole racking is both easy to operate and allows forklift drivers to both pick and pack within the warehouse.

Pallet mole is gentle on your goods, keeping the return on investment high, while keeping damage to stock minimalised. This system remains incredibly versatile, and is able to transport and carry a wide range of weights and sizes, allowing businesses to effectively plan using the most efficient storage of their goods possible. Allowing for a great deal of vertical storage, it allows warehouses to make the most of their often limited floor space.

The pallet mole racking solution uses on-board sensors which enable operators to position items accurately, transport them to the desired location on the lifting platform, and position those items exactly where they need to be. Also, they are manufactured to be durable, and are able to handle the load in almost any warehouse.

Krost Racking and Shelving will manufacture a pallet mole system around your needs, including vertical storage implementation designs, thereby increasing productivity and optimising return on investment.

Image credit: .spacemakerinc.com