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Wide Range Of Lockers For Sale Nationwide From Local Manufacturer

For many South African businesses, the search for metal lockers for sale now begins and ends at the nearest branch of Krost Shelving. In light of the wealth of knowledge that the team behind our company has gained in the years between the early ‘50s when it was first conceived and the present day, most of those clients would also be quick to agree that we have earned the position of an established leader within this specialised industry. As storage experts, these steel cabinets are just one of the possible solutions that we positioned to offer businesses across the nation as well as in many of the African countries that lie beyond our borders.

Lockers For Sale Nationwide Anyone who has ever had a need for one of these units is likely to be aware of the kind of punishment to which they are often subjected routinely. When purchasing metal lockers then, one of the most important requirements must always be to make quite sure that they are strong enough to stand up to some rough handling. At Krost Shelving, we insist upon using only the finest quality materials in the manufacture of these and all of our other storage products. In addition, all items are manufactured to the recommended ISO standards – a policy that enables us to ensure that our valued clients will always enjoy the longest possible service life from any of the products that they may choose to purchase from Krost Shelving.

Our clients are drawn from a wide range of industries and so, in meeting their demands for the type of unit that is most appropriate to both to their environment and to their application, the range of metal lockers that we must now manufacture and supply has grown to become quite extensive. Equally varied are the various items for which they are called upon to provide safekeeping. While, in many cases they may simply be required to provide some secure hanging space for employees’ outdoor clothing items that are not required during office hours, in other situations, such as at sports clubs and gyms they may serve to house items of personal sporting equipment such as tennis rackets or cricket bats and provide somewhere to deposit valuables such as wallets, purses and cellular phones while playing.

For yet other groups of workers, who may be required to wear special clothing or perhaps a uniform during their daily work activities access to the extensive range of metal lockers offered for sale at the Krost Shelving outlets in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Harare is essential.