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The World’s Worst Storage Ideas

Storage Space

5 DIY storage space ideas that should never have seen the light of day.

Industrial shelving is important because it decreases clutter in workshops and warehouses, which leads to a safer working environment in which everything has a place.  Industrial shelves hold expensive and often heavy machinery, so they have to be sturdy and well-built.

Krost’s shelving meets all of the necessary criteria, so we have the industrial market covered.  Unfortunately, storage space for homes doesn’t have the same criteria.  This allows people to get creative, which is excellent, but some creations should never have been realised.  Here is a look at some DIY storage ideas that could be among the worst in history:

 The Bookshelf Box



The idea of this is nice enough; a box that can sit on a bookshelf for secret storage.  However, Lauren Conrad’s video tutorial for the creation of this box showed her slicing up an entire collection of Lemony Snicket books, enraging book lovers the world over.  She soon pulled the video off her YouTube channel, but it lives on the minds of readers as one of the worst storage ideas ever.

The Rusty Bedspring Cutlery Holder



It’s difficult to imagine a world in which taking cutlery from the springs of an old mattress would help one’s appetite, but the fact that this photo exists proves there is at least one person in the world who thinks this is a good idea.  The majority of us would, as we reached for a fork, no-doubt battle to block out the thought of that mythical novel: Rusty Bedsprings, by I. P. Nightly.

Playing Card Box



Some very misleading origami instructions and a dozen paper-cuts later, you could be the proud creator of this tiny, flimsy, fluid-soluble playing card box – perfect to hold… well, nothing.

The Milk Crate Side Table



Aside from the fact that nothing says ‘class’ like stolen plastic containers, the blending of classic furniture with gaudy milk crates requires a very acquired taste in order to appreciate.  The strange mixture of styles was, in this case, compensated for by the placement of ornaments.  What do sake cups, building blocks, and animal skulls have in common?  For most people: absolutely nothing.

The Tin Brush Holder



An old soup can, some paint, a spot of glue, and some 1985-style gems – with only these four items your can create one of the most hideous brush holders the world has ever seen.  And… go!

Fortunately, the storage space requirements in the industrial sector are open to less interpretation.  Industrial shelving has to meet structural requirements in order to maintain safety standards.  We have that side of things covered – the bedazzling is a matter of choice.

Main Image: http://blogs.loc.gov/picturethis/2014/01/feast-your-eyes-todays-storage-is-tomorrows-dinner/