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Worst Warehouse Disasters

We often read about warehouse disasters taking place all over the world. With loss of life being the most prolific in India, China and the Philippines, and loss of revenue totalling billions of USD, warehouse disasters can cripple an industry, and one common cause for these disasters is warehouse shelving that is not of the highest quality. It seems that, although disasters that strike warehouses tend to be called natural disasters or acts of God, these are usually preventable mishaps that turn out disastrous because of poor planning, weak structural integrity of the building or the interior of the warehouse, and sometimes non-existent safety precautions.

A recent fire in a warehouse in China killed 17 people. Apparently, the fire started on the fourth floor of a small warehouse and took more than six hours to put out. In 2013, also in China, there was a devastating fire at a poultry plant that killed 120 workers. Obstructed exits were blamed, as well as poor management and a lack of governmental oversight. Indeed, at Krost, we have seen many people pay the price for using improper warehouse shelving over the years.

By making safety their number one precaution, warehouse managers can easily prevent the loss of life that is so common in warehouse disasters, and also prevent or minimise loss of revenue.

The next aspect is internal structural integrity. By making use of a reputable warehouse shelving company, you can rest assured that aisles are wide enough so that forklifts and conveyers can easily navigate through them. Also, your storage space will be well-designed, well-engineered, and professionally installed. By using only a trusted name in the industry, this tremendous responsibility will be handled by a company of repute that will gladly guarantee their work.

There is no excuse for a sloppy warehouse. There is no excuse for a shoddy safety record and there is no excuse for using disreputable shelving companies when furbishing or building your warehouse. Accidents do happen, but they should never be fatal. By implementing safety measures, loss of life can be relegated to the history books.

Main Image: http://www.bristol-storage.co.uk/pallet-racking-safety/