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Pallet Racking in South Africa

Technology increases storage space. There is a new forklift range that that has been introduced into the SA market which helps to increase storage capacity – by reducing the spaces between pallet racking aisles, not only will capacity be increased but costs and productivity will also increase with this extra space.

Materials handling specialists are now able to have access to very narrow aisles which are specifically designed to increase storage capacity, which results in reducing costs and boosts productivity.

By narrowing working aisle widths to just 2m, they enable vastly increased pallet density and the potential to achieve an increase in storage capacity of as much as 50% over other forklifts and 30% over reach trucks, which requires a much bigger working space. In addition they are designed to work both inside and outside incorporating certain features such as solid pneumatic tyres for loading and offloading outside.

The Aisle-Master can therefore replace a combination of counterbalance trucks for outside work and an electric reach or guided VNA truck for pallet placement inside. This versatility increases efficiencies in offloading, handling and storage as it eliminates double handling of pallets and speeds up truck-to-rack operations. It also reduces the number of trucks needed thus cutting down costs even more.

Another advantage is that the Aisle Master needs a transfer aisle width of only 3 m compared with the normal space requires from other VNA trucks which is a width of 5 m. The forklift is much faster between isles, since it moves like a counter-balance forklift due to the fact that it has an advanced ability to articulate.

Alternating current electric drive and liquefield petrol gas-powered models are available with working heights of up to 12.5 m and lift capacities of up to 2.5 t. Its ability to handle most pallet racking systems with ease makes the Aisle-Master a flexible option for a range of applications.