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Pallet Racking


One of the most common methods of utilizing storage space is by using pallets or “skids”

The most efficient and practical method to store pallets is to store them in pallet racks.

When speed and accessibility is of an essence, pallets can be reached with any type of forklift including Reach Trucks and Counterbalance Trucks. The system is economical and practical as it can easily be readjusted or moved at any time.

Pallet Racking is a relatively low cost method of utilizing your space efficiently. What Krost Shelving and Racking does best is help you make optimal use of your warehousing space and other storage space.

Krost helps you run your operation at maximum effectiveness and this is profitable in the long run.

The Krost pallet racking solutions are fully adjustable, with the options of boltless racking, and comes in a range of light, medium and heavy duty racking.

Designed by the specialist design team, they will arrive at your premises and be installed to maximize your space. Our team will also give you a professional breakdown on how best to utilize the space that you have. Our installations are quick and efficient.

Call in the pallet racking experts today – we save space and time!

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