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Shelving systems

Expert Shelving and Racking Systems

Wondering who the best shelving system supplier for your unique needs is?

Krost Shelving offers completely unique shelving systems which allows for upright bays that can easily be added onto in any direction. This means that it could be placed sideways, back to back or even on top of each other with the utilization of universal parts and components.

This makes the system truly modular and very strong with a plethora of accessories that permit the user to exactly tailor the shelving system to their particular requirements.

Krost’s user-friendly shelving systems can easily be added to or altered to suit the client’s needs and requirements as they change with the passage of time with little or no fuss whilst automatically maintaining the core strength of the shelving system.

With Krost, you can build a strong shelving system with fewer parts and little down time thanks to the quick assembly.

Krost Shelving and Racking’s in-house team of experts can calculate your floor space and build shelving and racking to utilize every inch of available space. This makes it easier to determine the exact amount of bays, racking and shelving you require. All relevant aspects are taken into consideration such as overhead pipes or similar obstacles when checking heights that could hamper the connection of the shelves and racks.

Krost Shelving’s boltless shelving systems is perfectly rigid and the entire structure does not require any cross-bracing, which automatically makes the entire racking and shelving system more durable and will save you time when assembling.

Krost has a wide range of shelving systems available and you will be able to choose shelving that is perfectly designed for your needs – whether it be for light storage or the heaviest loads. It all centres around designing a shelving system suited to your individual needs.

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