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Krost Shelving

shelving servicesFind extra space in ordinary spaces. Since the inception of the number one shelving company in South Africa in the year 1948, Krost Shelving and Racking has aimed to be the most professional shelving company in the country, and has gone from strength to strength, building and maintaining lasting long-term relationships with many large blue chip companies in South Africa.

However, that does not mean to say that Krost is too big for the little companies. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most versatile, robust and accessible shelving and racking to businesses of all sizes.

Herein lies the beauty of our products: we manufacture our shelving solutions in all sizes and various shapes, so they are able to bear the weight of light, medium and heavy duty goods, and do so effortlessly in all contexts, whether for retail or warehouse purposes.

Krost Shelving and Racking prides itself on its professionalism and supplies many factories and businesses with shelving. We make it our mission to maximise the use of shelf space and design unique shelving units to suit every individual storage need.

Krost Shelving and Racking is the shelving leader in South Africa and has more than 170 staff members. The Krost team encourages a hands-on policy, giving our personal undivided attention to all the shelving needs of every individual company or business. This is why we will also offer our expert advice to clients on what shelving and racking solutions will be appropriate for their unique requirements, in order to save time, money and space.

Shelving Types

Rivet Shelving

Rivet ShelvingOur rivet shelving is manufactured in single rivet beams, double rivet angle beams, and double rivet Z step beams.

Our component parts consist of the angle post, front beam, side beam, and steel or timber deck.

They provide stability and upright space to maximise storage areas. Read more…

Bolted Steel Shelving

Bolted Steel ShelvingThese are easily assembled into adjacent and back-to-back rows to optimise precious storage space, yet provide easy access to goods.

They are sold in various shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose. These include open, box-file, pigeon hole, closed, small bin, and drawer storage units. Read more…

Gondola Shelving

 Gondola ShelvingThese gondola shelves can be installed in a just a few hours. They are ideal for retail purposes, and so precious business time need not be sacrificed to have them installed.

The basic component list of these products consist of a heavy-duty upright, a basefoot, a clip in spacer, a top cover, a shelf, and a shelf bracket. Read more…

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse ShelvingAs the name suggests, these are ideal for providing shelving solutions for warehouses, which often suffer from a lack of organisation and wasted space.

These are manufactured to withstand abuse and harsh conditions over time, and are cost-effective. Read more…


Shelving systems

Shelving systems require expert knowledge in order to create a system that provides the utmost space without spending too much money. These systems are effortlessly rigid and  do not require cross-bracing, which means that they will endure long after other shelving systems would have collapsed. Read more…

Library Shelving

Library shelves need to be durable and reliable. They see plenty of traffic from people who are constantly giving and taking items from their shelves, and therefore a shelving solution that can endure a great deal of shuffling weight is required here.

Supermarket Shelving

Supermarket ShelvingThis type must be sturdy and reliable. If they should fail, a great deal of money can be unnecessarily lost. It is imperative that supermarket shopkeepers have a system that they can rely on 100%.

However, they must be presentable and make displays  look appealing to customers. With Krost’s products, fulfilling both of these requirements is a cinch. Read more…

As we all know, time is money. Our high quality steel shelving is easy to assemble and while the shelving units are being installed, no valuable business time is lost.

With decades of experience, our ultimate goal is to use this wealth of shelving and racking knowledge to manufacture the highest calibre products made from the finest steel, and to provide the highest standards of service to each of our clients, no matter the size or the type of business.


These easy to assemble steel shelves are made in three different weights, namely:

Boltless light weight steel shelving

This type is cost-effective and durable, able to hold most light-weight goods with no problem. They are robust and easy to install, making them the best choice for many environments, even the home.

Boltless medium weight shelving

This makes access of stock and goods super-efficient and they can be installed in a matter of hours, so as not interrupt business. Further, they can be moved easily and effortlessly, so should you need to rearrange your warehouse or store, you can do so with ease, and without spending loads of money. Read more…

Boltless heavy weight shelving

This type can support almost any product you could think of. It is specifically designed to withstand abuse and harsh treatment. They are even strong and durable enough to support mezzanine floors, which only adds to the shelving space that can be created.

They can also be relocated at any time, which makes them the perfect shelving solution for warehouses. Read more…

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