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Single Door Lockers

Our single door lockers are the perfect solution for a multitude of uses. Our entire range of single door lockers are available for a variety of uses and are boltable and can be manufactured to be free-standing, on legs or on plinths.

Single door lockers are often used in factories, academic institutions, businesses, gyms and shops. They can be used to store clothing, valuables, books and expensive equipment while the person is occupied with other activities. These are but a few examples of how single door steel lockers are used by small businesses to some of South Africa’s largest industrial and commercial enterprises.

Why single door lockers?


        • They are manufactured from excellent quality steel, conforming to best business practice which is exposed to the strictest quality control, ensuring that all valuables are safely locked away.


        • Lockers often form permanent fixtures and fittings in commercial buildings, supermarkets or factories.


        • Single door lockers are only one example of excellent storage solutions – Krost also offers double door lockers, single compartment lockers, six compartment lockers, single compartment lockers with legs, bedside lockers and double lockers.

It is quite accurate to say that no gym, company, sports club, university or school can make do without these valuable storage solutions.

Install single door lockers to ensure that all valuables are kept safely under lock and key.