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Storage Space

If done correctly, shelving and storage solutions can offer you storage space you did not know you had!

If you are looking for a shelving and racking solution, look no further than Krost Shelving and Racking for a large selection of storage solutions to suit your individual needs. Call on the Krost professionals who will come to your premises and utilize all existing space for maximum storage space instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all solution.

Warehouses can add extra floor space by adding mezzanine floors. This allows you to use the working height of a building to its full potential by doubling the surface area. Each mezzanine floor is designed to suit the specific needs of each individual client. All the fixed costs are already covered, making this a cost-effective way of increasing the storage space in your existing building.

Single rivet beam density shelving is another storage option that is designed to provide maximum vertical clearance between shelves. It allows access from all the sides because the side and back braces do not need to be stabilized by the system thus offering a good solution and maximizing storage space.

Rivet shelving, on the other hand, is economical in design and offers storage space for retail outlets and also offers storage for the wholesale and industrial sector. These shelves are fully adjustable, and are custom designed for your specific and individual requirements.

General purpose steel shelving is a space saving and economic storage system for all light duty purposes and is made from excellent quality steel. This shelving system is versatile and also easy install.

The gondola shelving system has been designed to be installed very quickly so that there is only minimal disruption to the business whilst being installed. This is an interchangeable system that is utilized for a variety of business applications.

The type of shelving and racking, mezzanine floors and lockers available from Krost will no doubt offer you the type of storage space you are looking for.

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