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Supermarket Shelves

Superior supermarket shelving from Krost is the answer to perfect merchandising and display.

Could you imagine a shop without shelves? It just does not seem practical. Every business needs some sort of space to display their goods and that is where Krost Shelving and Racking for retailing outlets fits into the picture. Professional and versatile, our company does an individual needs analysis and then advises you on what shelving would best suit your type of retail outlet!

The Krost Shelving gondola system has been so ingeniously designed that it can be installed in a matter of hours. All units, shelves and fittings are interchangeable and can be assembled with the greatest of ease and speed. The gondola system is ideally suited for use in a wide range of retail outlets which includes pharmacies, supermarkets, bottle stores, cafes  and hardware stores.

Krost rivet shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage and display of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools. All you need is a rubber mallet. These shelves can be adjusted every 37.5 mm to allow you to customise the design of the unit to fit the size of your load.

Whether you have a large Pick n Pay Family Supermarket, Spar Supermarket or only a tiny little neighbourhood corner cafe – every retail business needs some sort of storage or supermarket shelving to display goods.

Supermarket Shelving

It does not matter if you trade with tyres, gear boxes, car parts or heavy duty equipment, medium weight equipment or the lighter stuff. There is a dire need for storage and shelving for every business and for the best advice why not approach Krost Shelving and Racking to come and give you a free quote as well as some useful and innovative ideas.

General purpose steel shelving is a space-effective and economical storage system for virtually any light-duty application. Manufactured from quality steel and modular in design, general purpose steel shelving is designed for versatility and ease of installation and can be easily adjusted and relocated.