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What Is Industrial Racking

Industrial racking is a storage system comprising a flexible structure which is installed easily, catering to your individual needs. Industrial racking is a versatile type of shelving which can easily be incorporated into your warehouse, retail outlet or commercial establishment to maximise the space that you already have.

Should you need more space, installing a system of this calibre will ensure you have more storage without the expense or inconvenience of moving or renovating.

The most common method of storage used in warehouses is to incorporate selective pallet racking, which is a clever system that is specifically designed to access every pallet with ease. The most practical aspect of selective pallet racking is that it can be serviced by any make of forklift – these include reach trucks and counterbalance trucks to ensure the operation is executed efficiently.

Selective pallet racking is brilliant in that it is flexible, can be installed at a relatively low cost, and it is easily disassembled should you need to relocate premises or want to move the racking from point A to point B.

A pallet rack is a quantifiable handling and packing plan aimed specifically at storing merchandise on pallets (these are also called skids). Although there are many variations of pallet racking, all selections permit storage of palletised goods that are stockpiled in horizontal rows on manifold levels.

Forklifts play an integral role in the world of pallet and industrial racking systems as they are necessary to reach and load pallets onto industrial racks and shelves.

Numerous industries benefit from industrial racking solutions. For large warehouses where extremely heavy items are stored and transported using a forklift, industrial racking is a must.

Industrial racking is also a brilliant option for the storage of documents. With selective storage racking used in conjunction with mezzanine floors, this system is brilliant should you need more space incorporated into a warehouse, office or retail outlet.

Krost Shelving’s storage systems offer a cost-effective solution for all industrial storage needs.