Our Wide Range of High-Quality Steel Lockers for Sale

Storage facilities are not only an important feature of stockrooms and warehouses but can be just as necessary at a personal level too. Each time we visit the gym or play a game of rugby, we need to find somewhere to store our outdoor clothes securely. The same applies to doctors and nurses who often need to exchange their normal daywear for sterile scrubs. Even on the factory floor, many workers must don protective overalls and so need changing and storage facilities. To cover all such needs, there is a wide range of steel lockers for sale.

Individual requirements vary, as do the amount of space available and the number of individuals in need of personal storage space. To provide for such variables, there must be a choice of designs. In some cases, where space may be limited, the flexibility to utilise every bit that is available can be crucial and some single-door units with a shelf and hanging rail might be the best option among the steel lockers for sale.

To provide for other contingencies, these personal storage units are also available in two-door, four-door and six-door configurations, each with the same number of individual compartments. Because they are often used to store items of value such as handbags watches, wallets and mobile phones, a stout lock with a unique key is a must, but one that is frequently not to be found in cheap, inferior models with wafer-thin walls, unlike the high-quality steel lockers for sale from Krost Shelving and Racking.

In those situations where the visual appeal of the product might be considered less important than affordability, a practical alternative to the solid steel units are those made of wire mesh. These types of personal storage products can be purchased from Krost either as an individual unit or in any configuration of between two and six doors. In addition to the many types of steel and wire lockers for sale, Krost is also able to supply plastic units on request.

At the gym, lockers are invariably a shared facility while, in hospitals, hygiene is a matter of vital importance. To ensure that these products are just as easy to clean as they are to secure, Krost employs a unique hinging system which not only ensures that doors will always fit flush, but that they can also be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Krost is widely acknowledged by industries in South Africa as a leader in the field of storage systems and equipment. Quality and value for money are the hallmarks of the steel lockers manufactured and offered for sale by Krost Shelving and Racking.