In many workplaces, space tends to be at a premium and it is often necessary to ensure that as much as possible of that which actually is available is used as efficiently as possible. Often, there will be a need to provide work surfaces and storage space, whist also ensuring that there is adequate space for workers. One of the most effective ways to satisfy each of these criteria is to install industrial shelving. This allows one to minimise the footprint required for storage purposes and to make use of vertical space instead. In addition to saving space, it can also enhance the appearance of the workplace and improve productivity.

While one might be inclined to think that fittings such as these are mainly of value in a warehouse, a bulk storage facility, or logistics company, there is, in fact, quite a diverse range of businesses that can benefit from this type of installation. In a garage, for example, there will be a need to store a wide range of items. These can range from spares, such as tyres, oil filters, and brake pads, to the various tools required by mechanics to undertake the servicing and repair of vehicles. Industrial shelving is sufficiently versatile to accommodate all these items while providing easy access to both the sale items and tools.

Often, storage facilities are required on a temporary basis. A good example of this is a construction site. Depending upon the size of the project, it could last for just a few weeks to a couple of years or more. During that period, for the safety of workers and the public, the site needs to be kept clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter. A temporary hut fitted with industrial shelving provides the perfect means to store large items in a manner that ensures they are easily accessible during the day and safe from pilferage after hours.

However, the need for orderly storage facilities is not confined to those engaged in manual activities and warehousing operations. The same need is to be found in many large offices. With a staff complement that may run to three figures, the demand for work supplies, such as stationery, and the need to store office data is constant. For easy access and safe-keeping, even a relatively small storeroom can be perfectly adequate for such purposes when fitted with some industrial shelving.

Units are available in a variety of designs and materials to meet specific requirements. For guidance on a product to meet your needs, feel free to consult the experts at Krost Shelving & Racking.