Create Additional Overhead Storage Space with An Industrial-Grade Mezzanine Floor

All too often, one finds that the space in an average warehouse has become insufficient in the wake of increased demand or the need to carry new lines. For those who rent their facility, floorspace is not only costly, but fixed in its extent. As a result, any attempt to encroach further on that which is available is likely to be at the expense of access to aisles and carries a risk that the passage of forklifts could be compromised, Quite often, however, the solution lies not a ground level, but overhead, where industrial flooring could be used to add a mezzanine storage space.

Derived from an Italian “mezzano”, meaning “middle”, and later modified by French, the term is now used to describe an intermediate floor, positioned between ground level and the ceiling. Generally, it will be sufficiently smaller in area than these to provide for the placement of an access ladder or stairs. In the warehouse, this type of structure can prove to be invaluable, given that it has the potential to almost double the storage space provided by the ground-floor below.

Unlike those encountered in hotels and other commercial buildings, and even in the stately homes of wealthier citizens, mezzanine floors in a warehouse tend to be constructed using industrial flooring and metal supports, rather than more decorative and costly materials such as an oak framework supported by marble columns.

They can, of course, be erected in the form of a freestanding structure but, when storage space is at a premium, with the help of a suitably versatile product, one can make use of an existing support structure such as an office or perhaps several rows of existing shelving. This will enable a warehouse manager to capitalise on an area that would have normally remained unused to locate the industrial flooring required to create a handy mezzanine space.

Conversely, where no such office exists, and there may be insufficient floorspace in which to locate one, these structures could, instead, provide an elevated location. This applies not only to office space, as the new level could also serve as a fabrication or packing area, for example.

Recognised as the country’s experts in the design and installation of tailored shelving and racking solutions, Krost is a supplier of high-quality industrial flooring that is ideal for use in the construction of mezzanine floors and raised storage platforms. These can be installed quickly and so should not interfere significantly with normal operations and, because they are considered to be demountable structures, planning permission will not normally be required.

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