Some of The Common Applications for Industrial Flooring Solutions

In factories, warehouses, and on other industrial premises, flooring may fulfil a variety of different roles. Its precise function is, to a large extent, governed by the height above ground level at which it is installed. In the majority of cases, the two levels are likely to be one and the same, being intended, primarily, to allow the safe and easy movement of people and often vehicles, such as forklifts. In such cases, they will often be made from concrete, either polished or with a durable rubber coating.

However, once ground level and the installed industrial flooring are not the same, the role of the latter will often be to provide more than just a pedestrian or vehicular surface. One common type of installation is designed to create a space of a few centimetres between the ground and floor levels. This slightly raised structure needs to be solidly constructed from fire-resistant materials and of a light weight, composed of a metal framework into which individual panels are fitted. This type of structure serves to simplify installation as well as dismantling and relocation, should this be necessary.

The underfloor space provided in this manner can, for instance, accommodate the electrical cabling required to power an office area. This raised form of industrial flooring is also commonly employed in server rooms, where the vast lengths of cable involved can cause operational problems and are potentially hazardous, unless ordered and suitably concealed.

The system is a highly flexible one; for instance, by making the gap a little larger, limiting the width of the framework, and adding a number of identical raised levels, one above the other, the result is a rack that provides a multi-level storage facility suitable for spare parts or various stock items. Additional racks, positioned at intervals with aisles between, will then extend storage capacity as required.

In a single-storey building, one may often utilise all the available floorspace, yet still require more. The existing storage racks can form the supports for another form of industrial flooring – the mezzanine floor. Fitted with a ladder for access purposes, expanding vertically when there is no other alternative can provide the required additional storage space, or a convenient place to relocate an office or canteen area that might, instead, allow one to create the necessary extra storage space at ground level.

Whatever the proposed application, a durable and stable structure will be essential. With more than 50 years in the industry, Krost is a name known throughout South Africa for quality shelving, racking, lockers, mezzanine floors, and all forms of industrial flooring.

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