Carton Live Racking for Your Warehouse

Why You Should Invest in Carton Live Racking for Your Warehouse

The chosen storage solutions within a warehouse or storage facility of manufacturing plant plays a significant role in the productivity, and thus profitability, of the enterprise. It might seem like a trivial thing – after all, a rack is a rack, right? But, in truth, your choice of storage solution can mean the difference between mediocre performance and excellent returns. There are a number of shelving and storage solutions available on the market, each designed with a specific function and purpose in mind. One of the very popular and useful options is carton live racking. This solution can significantly speed up your operations, thereby increasing your production levels.

What is carton live racking?

This rack is a type of dynamic storage solution and is also known as a flow rack. It literally does what the name applies – using rollers and/or angles. The rack solution makes use of gravity to help move boxes or stock to the front. So, every time something is removed from the rack, the rest of the stock on that rack will move forward to replace the empty spot.

What are the advantages of carton live racking?

There are many benefits to carton live racking, most of which are related to optimising the use of space, and speeding up the tempo of operations – two factors that are both vital to the success of manufacturing, warehousing and retail enterprises. These benefits include:

  • Less need for employees to walk around: The continuous feed facilitated by carton live racking places stock within easy reach, which reduces the need to walk further to fetch the same stock, saving time and effort.
  • Making it easier to apply the “first-in, first-out” principle: It is often required that the oldest stock is used first, especially in instances where it contains elements that have an expiry or best before date. Because stock is only inserted from one side, and removed from the other side of the rack, applying this principle is easy.
  • Better use of space: The reduced need for walking also often means that there is a decreased need for additional walkways to get to all parts of the racking. This means that you can use the space in your warehouse optimally, increasing your return on investment.
  • Speed up your operations: The automatic feed facilitated by carton live racking means that picking speeds improve, as stock is always readily available. It also reduces the time spent on packing racks. With less time spent on trivial tasks, more time is spent on actual productive tasks, increasing the overall productivity of your plant.

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