Choose Boltless Shelving for Economy and Ease of Installation

Whether your business is warehousing or retail, and even if you simply require a means to store stationery in an office environment, there are several good reasons why you should consider installing boltless shelving. The preferred choice of many businesses, its lack of nuts and bolts results in a system that combines reliability with flexibility, yet is affordable.

Also known as rivet shelving, to begin with, these units are built to handle tough jobs and can do so even without the use of braces that other storage systems often require to prevent them from swaying under load. Instead, all-around stability is provided by double-rivet angle beams. Furthermore, because this product does not require cross braces, it is able to provide all-round accessibility to the stored items. In addition to the steel posts and rivet beams, the shelves may be decked with a material that is best suited to your needs. Typically, decking for use with boltless shelving may be plywood, chipboard, or steel, depending on the weight of the items it will be required to support.

Given the current economic climate, price is frequently an important consideration when contemplating purchases. It is thus worthwhile noting that this type of storage system is significantly cheaper than the available alternatives. Furthermore, in addition to the lower purchase, because the product is exceptionally easy to assemble, the cost of installation will also be proportionately lower. In practice, however, because it is so easy to assemble and disassemble this type of system, there is no real need to pay a professional installer. Given the absence of any clips and bolts to be fitted, it should take you just minutes to assemble and position your boltless shelving and the only tool you will need is a rubber mallet.

As well as simplifying the installation, the use of rivets rather than bolts results in a particularly versatile storage solution. Not only is it a simple matter to customise your initial setup to meet your storage needs at that time but, if those needs should change at any stage in the future, it will be just as quick and simple to re-configure your existing arrangement in order to satisfy the new requirements. At 1200 mm, the length of front and back beams is fixed and provide a uniformly distributed load capacity of 200 kg. The side beams for your boltless shelving are available in four standard sizes but, if required, bespoke sizes can also be manufactured.

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